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Yet another sexy god

In the beginning, Diarmuid (pronounced like “Dermot”) acted like a sexist jerk, though I will admit I had fun with him, especially in God of the Sea.

But, like any good character, he wouldn’t let me go. His part of the story arc HAD to be told.

Curse of the Gods was born.

One of my favorite parts of this series is getting to see each of the gods from a different point of view. I got to fill in gaps in Declan’s story in the second book. Here, I let Diarmuid explain why he is the way he is…er, was.

More importantly, Amory’s life needed fixing, and I loved the idea of exploring what it’s like to have an empty nest as a mother.


Amory Wright’s world is changing. Her son is off to college and her husband, Steven, has accepted a new job that moves them to Dublin. There, she begins to work for David Abernathy, owner of Love Spot. It’s her first real job—outside of being mom—and she discovers there’s more to herself than the country club veneer she has cultivated in the past.

David sees this too, and his charm and good looks tempt her in ways she’s never been tempted before. To make things worse, Amory suspects Steven’s trips for work may be cover for yet another affair.

As her life spirals out of control, she discovers that the person she is attracted to is more than a man: he’s the God of Sex, and he wants her to see him for who he truly is. And maybe—just maybe—she can break the centuries-old curse that haunts him to this day.

You can get this story…and all the others on Friday from Extasy.