Tag. I’m it.

I was given homework, the good kind: to post here, which is good because I am terrible at this blogging thing.

The Writer’s Tag was created by Lorraine Ambers and Ari Meghlen as a fun way to connect with other writers, and help us get to know each other better. I have been tagged by my friend and fellow eXtasy Books author Maggie Blackbird. Be sure to check out her blog and her books.

Here we go…

Name one novel that inspired you to write.

I’ve always been an avid reader, so I can’t pinpoint just one book or author that inspired me positively. I can, however, tell you the book that got me off my derrière and on the computer is 50 Shades, a book I loathe with a passion usually reserved for James Joyce. My friends told me that I needed to stop whining about it. Put up or shut up. Thus, Inferno was born.

What’s your favorite genre to write and read?

I write contemporary, historical, and paranormal romance, basically anything that floats my boat. Although I’ll read anything, you’ll most often find me reading a historical thriller.

Do you prefer to write standalone or a series?

It doesn’t really matter to me. I didn’t intend to write the Irish Gods series. After I finished the first book, I really wanted to tell Gareth’s story, and it just blossomed from there.

Use three words to describe yourself.

Random. Obsessive. Light-hearted.

(My daughter supplied random, with the requisite eye roll.)

Reveal your WIP aesthetics or an image that represents your MC or setting

107cec3e757be70d0686406b85abf549This is Matt, at least the inspiration for him. I wanted an average kind of guy. Sure, he’s good looking, but not otherworldly so, and he resembles several professional soccer players, which is his role in the novel. He’s also wearing a knit scarf. I’m a knitter and a sucker for hand knits. The rest of my inspiration can be found on Pinterest.

How long did your first MS take to draft?

Around two months, and it’ll probably take that much time to whip it into publishable shape.

Who is your author idol?

It might sound cheesy, but Shakespeare. His ability to capture the essence of the human condition is enviable. I also love how multi-layered his works are, serious, funny, tragic, and very, very real all at the same time.

Share a writing memory that made you determined to carry on.

I received two rejections on my birthday, and for some reason they hurt more than all the others that had come before. I was ready to throw in the proverbial towel, but I remembered a Guest Professor I worked with in college. He believed in me as a writer and wanted me to come study under him, but I couldn’t because I was a single mom and needed to have a real job. He warned me that I would never a writer if I didn’t do it then, I’d never be a writer. I uncurled myself from my pitiful little ball, went upstairs, and started Inferno. I had to prove him wrong.

Tell us something surprising or unique about yourself.

I was president of our local teacher’s union for four years, and during that time I was a fierce fighter for the rights of my members. Colleagues still come to me for advice. I can be obnoxiously in the face of those who trample on the rights of others and have attended more than one protest. In some ways I am fearless, but I’m happiest introverting and writing.

Share the hardest part of being a writer and how you overcame it.

Facing rejection.

It was hard to move beyond my specialized comfort zone where I am an expert and people come to me for help. Being told in the cozy words of editor-speak that I wasn’t good enough was devastating. However, I am stubborn to a fault, and kept on querying.

What’s your favorite social media, and why? Share your link.

I’m most often found on Facebook in Extasy’s Book Carousel, where you can interact with  the readers and writers. I’m also a huge fan of Instagram because I love photography.


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