What happens in Vegas…

Wahoo! It’s live. You can finally read Vegas Lights. Xavi comes back better than ever, this time tangling with a paranormal named Sylvie. We get her point of view on him, though she isn’t too impressed at first.

Yup. That’s him. She hadn’t known his name was Xavi, but there was no mistaking the front man for the band Aces and Kings. No one else in the world looked quite so much like the love child of Morrissey and Buddy Holly.

The screams morphed into a roar. Xavi flinched but then was propelled forward. Two beefy security guards bellowed for the crowd to quit rushing the line of steel barriers. The men stomped back and forth, and the crowd that was fast becoming a mob stepped back. A manic pixie-like girl backed into Sylvie. The girl turned and ran her gaze over Sylvie, and for a moment, she thought pixie girl would faint, but then she smiled. “Sorry.”

“No worries.” Sylvie smiled back.

No one else in the world looked quite so much like the love child of Morrissey and Buddy Holly

Over the heads of the crowd, Sylvie watched as Xavi stepped off the bus, and the entire crowd shifted ahead and to the left. The pressure from behind knocked into the barriers there. The guards raced past Xavi while he hurried toward the door that had opened in the side of the building, but the damage was already done. The barriers tottered, then fell forward in a rippling wave. No longer held back, girls—well, mostly girls—surged forward.

He’ll never make it to the door.

Want to win a copy?

Just leave a comment telling me why you should win this/why you need a copy–

but it must be a complete lie. Be creative.

I’ll choose a winner and announce on Tuesday July 30.

1 thought on “What happens in Vegas…”

  1. I MUST have a copy of this book because it is the key to opening the portal to the realm I am trying to save. I have been searching for decades for the one true key to open this portal so I can fight the shadow demons that plague the world, and this book, the holy grail of books, is the only way that I can enter into that world. It holds the future of this realm within its erotic pages, and without this book the realm will die and I will have failed as a hero. I MUST have this book because I do not have any earth currency with which to purchase it, so it must be bestowed upon me by the creator so I can save the people who are in mortal danger.

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