Meet Cameron Allie

I’d like you to meet a fantastic author, who is also a friend of mine. If you like hot and steamy books, Cameron is sure to fulfill that need.

Her latest release: The Naughty List

Coming December 20th

Can Kylie be naughty enough to get on Santa’s list this Christmas?

When Kylie confesses that she’s never enjoyed sex, she didn’t expect her friend to suggest joining her at a BDSM club. Every December, the club’s Santa picks one woman from his naughty list to take home for a night of uninhibited, wild sex. The catch? She has to prove she can be naughty enough to please him.

Already nervous, the last thing Kylie anticipated when she walked into the club, was that she’d recognize Santa. She certainly hadn’t expected the holiday Dom to be her brother’s, nicer than nice, best friend.

Is this hot enough for you? Why yes, yes it is.

A little about Cameron Allie…

Romance author Cameron Allie grew up in a small town north of Toronto. As a child she loved stories, and after reading her first romance novel at age fifteen, her dreams of writing became singularly focused on the love story. She is currently living in Ontario with her husband, their young daughters and with their cat, who is constantly trying to interrupt the writing process. 

And an excerpt from The Naughty List

“Can I tell you something that’s a little embarrassing for me?” Kylie sat on her friend’s sofa, sipping hot cocoa while watching Love Actually. In the next room, the freshly decorated Christmas tree was twinkling brightly.

Kylie had met Hannah at work a few months ago, and they’d instantly hit it off. They were both single, both thirty years old, both personal trainers, and both on their second career after failing to enjoy what they’d originally set out to do.

Hannah had gone to college to become a social worker, but she had underestimated the emotional drain that came with such a demanding job. She’d burned out very quickly. Kylie had become a daycare teacher but had quickly become frustrated with the broken system and had quit after her first year.

As the holidays drew closer, Hannah had invited Kylie over to trim the tree and partake in some traditional holiday merriment. With the tree finished, a batch of gingerbread in the oven, and their bellies full from hot chocolate, they were both pretty tuckered out, and yet tomorrow they had plans to go shopping.

“Of course.” Hannah glanced over but turned back to the screen.

Kylie thought Hannah’s divided attention might make her confession easier to deliver. “I’ve never enjoyed sex.”

“What?” Turning so fast she nearly spilled her mug, Hannah grabbed the remote, paused the film, and set down her cup. “What do you mean, you’ve never enjoyed sex?”

Kylie shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s always been just okay. Like I could take or leave it. It’s something I should do because, well, that’s what you do in a relationship, right?”

Hannah frowned. Clearly she didn’t understand. 

Disappointed, Kylie wanted to disappear into the couch. She wished she hadn’t said anything.

“Maybe you haven’t been with the right guy?” Hannah suggested.

“I’ve been with my fair share of men. None of them seem to do it for me.” She didn’t consider herself a floozy, but after a long-term relationship, a few shorter ones, and a couple of one-night stands, she knew sex was just a big disappointment for her.

“Maybe you’re just not into sex. Some people aren’t. Maybe you’re asexual. Do you have sex with yourself?”

Kylie blushed. She really shouldn’t have started this conversation.

When she didn’t answer, Hannah brazenly went on, “Like, do you own any toys or touch yourself? Stuff like that?”

“I shouldn’t have brought it up.” Kylie went to pick up the remote to un-pause the film, but Hannah snatched it from her.

“No. This is important.” Hannah switched the TV off. “You know I won’t judge you, right? You can tell me anything.”

Kylie wasn’t sure. Their friendship was so new, but they’d bonded very fast. Kylie felt closer to Hannah than she did to any of her friends from high school. At times she even felt closer with her than she felt to her own sister.

“How about I tell you something first? Something I don’t normally share. Will that help?”

Kylie stretched forward and set her mug down on the coffee table. “Look, Hannah, I don’t want to push you—”

“I visit a BDSM club,” Hannah announced. “You know what that is?”

With wide eyes, Kylie nodded.

“I visit a BDSM club, and recently I’ve been holding the attention of two Doms. Do you understand?”

“Sort of.”

“Sometimes, I have sex with both of them. They tell me what to do, and I do it. No questions asked.”

Kylie’s heart started to race. Maybe she could open up to Hannah. Her lifestyle brushed up against the things Kylie had often fantasized about trying but had never acted on. Two Doms though, that wasn’t for her. She just wanted one good sexual experience. Was that too much to ask for, for Christmas?

“So, that’s my little secret. How about you? Do you have sex with yourself?” Hannah circled back to her original question, leaving Kylie with a million questions she wanted to ask, but didn’t yet dare to.

Bravely, she replied, “Yes.”

“So you think you would enjoy sex? You know, with the right partner?”

She nodded.

“Are you gay?”

Kylie shook her head. “No! Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I’m just not.”

“Okay. So maybe it’s the guys you’ve been seeing. What are they like?”

They’d all been jerks. Well, not all of them, but most. “They’re either really boring or selfish assholes in bed.”

Hannah pursed her lips.

As she thought about it, Kylie wrung her hands. “Can you tell me more about the BDSM club?”

Slowly, a grin came over Hannah’s mouth. “Got a little fantasy tucked away in there?”

Kylie felt her face go red again. “Maybe.”

“So the club I go to is kind of like a night club. There’s a bar, some dancing, a main stage for exhibitionists, but there are also private rooms. There’s a dungeon master to ensure everything is safe and consensual. And when it comes to alcohol, there are strict rules, particularly for those engaging in active play.”

“But what goes on there?” Kylie didn’t want to be nosy, but she was curious. She wondered what active play was.

“Some people go to hook up or act out a scene. Some go to meet new people or show off their subs. There’s all types of fetishes going on, though admittedly, this club isn’t as hardcore as others I’ve been to. This one is a little more vanilla, but it’s not uncommon to see a good whipping or paddling. What are you into?”

Kylie bit her lip as she considered telling Hannah. “I’ve read all the books.”

Hannah rolled her eyes. “You mean like that Grey book?”

Clearly, that wasn’t impressive. Everyone and their motherhell, their grandmother—had read about Christian Grey.

Kylie gave her a little more. “I’ve read Tiffany Reisz, Anne Rice, Sierra Cartwright, Joey W. Hill, Angela Knight, and Angel Payne. To name a few.”

“Okay. There’s something there to work with.”

Briefly closing her eyes, Kylie fessed up. “I’ve watched a lot of videos, too.” Her blush deepened as she glanced at her friend. “And I’ve joined a couple of online chats, but nothing ever face-to-face or via video. Only messaging.”

“Now we’re talking.” Hannah laughed. “So it’s more than just a passing interest.”

“Yes,” Kylie admitted. “I never knew how to get into the scene. I kept dating assertive men, assholes really, but it’s just led to disappointing sex.”

“Well, yeah. If you’re interested in a fetish when it comes to sex, you’re not going to find it with some vanilla man.”

Or one that was entirely too concerned with his own pleasure to even care if she’d had an orgasm or not.

“It sounds like you’re a submissive. Or want to be, if I’m reading the situation correctly.”

“I guess so.” Yes, yes, that was what she wanted.

Suddenly Hannah’s expression lit up, and she began clapping her hands. “Maybe we can get you laid by Santa! It sounds like that’s exactly what you need!”

Not understanding at all what she was talking about, Kylie frowned. “What?”

“Each December at the club, this guy comes in dressed like Santa.” Hannah excitedly patted her arm. “He’s hot as sin. Chiselled body, gorgeous face, cocky attitude galore. He comes in wearing a Santa hat and pants. Sometimes the jacket and suspenders too. He’s quite the Christmas treat.”

Kylie imagined what Hannah described and wasn’t disappointed by the fantasy that crossed her mind, being pulled across his lap for a hearty spanking.

“At the club, he doesn’t do much but hold court.”

“What does that mean?” Kylie wrinkled her nose.

“He orders a few drinks, takes in the scenes, and chats up the women. He might give a few kisses, a few strokes, and a couple of spankings here and there. I think he’s fingered a few subs, but he pretty much waits until right before Christmas.”

Kylie realized she was leaning forward in her seat. That was also when she realized her panties were wet. “Then what?”

“He picks one lucky sub to take home on Christmas Eve eve.”


“Yep. He could have a different woman each night, but he doesn’t. He waits and looks for the perfect addition to his naughty list.”

Kylie swatted at her. “You’re making that up!”

“I am not!” Hannah laughed. “Last year, I tried to get on the naughty list, but he didn’t pick me. But that’s okay, because I found Darrell and Derek. But we should get you on Santa’s naughty list.”

Kylie wasn’t so sure. Sex with some random stranger? And kinky sex at that. What if she didn’t like it? What if she didn’t like him? “Who is he?”

Hannah shrugged. “No one seems to know who he is. He just randomly showed up about seven years ago, apparently. He never gives his real name. The theory is that he’s not from around here but comes every December for the holidays. Maybe to visit family. But, Kylie, every woman he picks comes back to the club in the New Year and goes on and on about how great he was. Like, they won’t shut up about it. For months.”

Kylie shrugged. What did she have to lose? He might not even pick her. Going to the club with Hannah might prove to be what she needed. Maybe she’d meet a Dom who made her swoon, or more correctly, kneel. Maybe she’d find a special man to introduce her to the lifestyle. She could find out if that was what her sex life had been missing. It was worth a try.

“I’m going on Thursday night for drinks with the guys before we go back to Darrell’s place. Do you want to come with us?”

It was now or never. Take one little risk. No one needed to know about it, aside from Hannah. One little gamble that could get her everything she wanted. Swallowing her fear, she replied, “I wouldn’t know what to wear.”

“We’re going shopping tomorrow, right?” Hannah took a sip of her hot chocolate. “Now we’ve just got to add a couple more stops.”

Buy it here: https://www.extasybooks.com/978-1-4874-2748-1-the-naughty-list/?search=The%20Naughty%20List&sub_category=1

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