You’re My Obsession

Somehow April slipped by without a post. Weird. But not so strange when I think about all of the events that happen during this month: my anniversary, Easter, my oldest son’s birthday. There’s just so much that goes on.

And that’s before work and writing, or writing and work–however, you want to look at it. On the writing front, things have been a-happening, but more on that later.

I want to talk about the obsession that also keeps me from blogging: cameras.

There’s little in the world I despise more than having my picture taken, and the only way to avoid my step-father’s camera lens was to get behind it, so I asked him to teach my photography, and thus was born a lifelong hobby.

I took classes in high school and have studied on my own in the (many) years since. Needless to say, technology has changed since then. I started with film and–like the rest of the world–moved to digital, but film still keeps calling back.

Lomo Purple

First it was Lomography and the random “Brick” camera or the Land Camera I found on Etsy.

See why they call it “The Brick”?

Then I inherited my stepfather’s camera, the one I learned to shoot analogue on.

Dad’s camera. I had no idea how expensive it was when he first bought it.

And all hope was lost when I stumbled across Goodwill auctions and Mike Eckman’s blog. (Mike’s blog is fantastic. Check it out.) Using this reviews and advice, I’ve collected a few more cameras.

A solid analogue choice…for $12.00!
Look at these beauties

It’s the last three that took up a bit of time in April, but aren’t they worth it? They all appear to work. I still have to put film in them and take them for a spin, but film and its processing is expensive. (I haven’t gotten into processing my own. Yet. I know how to develop black and white. I just don’t have the proper space.)

I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes obsessions aren’t a bad thing. Even my husband doesn’t have an issue with my 17 different cameras. (A fact I am grateful for.)

And like all good writers, everything I encounter goes in the mental hopper. A lovely little romance featuring two photographers and a fashion model is in revision and may see the light of day before too long.

AFTER a few other items I have in the works and have signed contracts for. Are you ready for a Bridezilla and a soccer star? Keep watching here for details in the weeks to come.

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