Coffee for Dez

It had been FOR-EV-ER since I’ve done a character drink, mostly because I was indecisive about who I should talk about next.

Finally, I made up my mind.

If you haven’t met Desmond Mason, he’s the MMC (Male Main Character) of Moonlight and Magnolia, which came out last Halloween. Dez has come to Belle Grove to do some research on the plantation and its owners, most particularly, the mysterious woman in the portrait that hangs over the fireplace in the parlor. Caro Talbot, who also resides at Belle Grove, isn’t happy there’s a stranger in her house.

From Magnolia and Moonlight:

“Not that everyone appreciated her efforts. Jasper and Allan frowned on them and fussed at her, instead of being grateful that she allowed them to run her B and B. It was her house, after all, but they had a nasty habit of failing to consult her before making changes. Like the man that stood in the parlor, arms crossed, staring up at the portrait of the woman that hung above the fireplace. He appeared deep in thought, lines wrinkling his high forehead, and he tapped his chin with one finger.

He was handsome in a dark, gallic way, with thick brown hair that tumbled in locks around his face and hazel eyes. She could admit that much, but what was he doing here? 

Silently, so as not to disturb his concentration, she entered the room and sat in the red velvet ladies chair. She folded her hands in her lap and studied the man as he studied the woman in the pale green dress, a fan dangled from her bejeweled hand and a smile full of mischief curved ruby lips. Some thought that woman was beautiful, Caro didn’t agree.”

As a scholar, Dez drinks lots of coffee, so it makes sense that the drink that defines his character is coffee based, but I’ve added a nod to his Indian heritage--Somrus Chai. This cream based liquor is reminiscent of Irish cream, but with the spices of chai and a hint of rose water. trust me, this stuff is delicious.

Formerly called Somrus original

Dez puts his shot of Somrus in his coffee in place of sugar and creamer. Depending on how sweet you like your coffee, you might need to add some sweetener.

The recipe for this is simple: 8oz freshly brewed coffee and 2oz (a shot) of Somrus. Mix and enjoy. This particular coffee will make any Monday better. Tip: Somrus is delicate in flavor and won’t stand up to bold brews. It’s better in light or medium roast.

Don’t drink coffee? This works equally as well in tea, or just drink it chilled.

And if you’ve splurged and bought an entire bottle of Somrus, you can find more recipes here.

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