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Veils and Vampires.

In the spirit of the spooky season, I am pleased to be a part of the cover reveal for Veils and Vampires by Cee Bee.

And now for the cover: [Drum roll please…]

What a GORGEOUS cover.

Check out this blurb:

I’m checking out the Bold Tsarina nightclub, even if it is owned by Konstantin, the Bratva crime lord who hates my guts. After all, the trip could snag me a high-paying gig for another mafia king, the infamous Caelin Vass.

Yes, that Caelin Vass.

I’m talking about the hot-as-sin social media sensation who’s rumored to be both a horrible boss and a blood-sucking vampire. And did I mention that Caelin’s also the star of my hottest NSFW fantasies? He is. Plus, that isn’t even the strangest part of my life right now… or the best.

You’ll be able to get your hands on this November 19

Here’s a sneak peek:

Far up the street, a police car switches on its flashers.
This is getting good.
The driver’s side door whips open and out steps Celin MacGregor, my would-be boss. The man
does not look happy. He glares right at me.
“What’re ye doin’, lass?”
Huh. Vass’ accent gets heavier when he’s angry. Nice to know.
“Talking with some girls from high school.” I gesture to Devon and Shay as evidence.
Only the two of them are gone.
I frown. “Or, I was chatting them up.”
Caelin stalks closer. On reflex, I step backward. Soon my spine hits the glass facade of the
building. It’s not like sidewalks in Manhattan are super huge.
Caelin sets his hands on either side of my head, caging me against the wall. My blood heats. If I
thought there was some kind of energy between us back in his office, it’s nothing compared to
what zings between us now. The connection becomes a charge of desire that prickles across
my body. I might even be panting a little.
“I’ll ask ye again,” says Vass, his voice low. “Ye know the likes of them?”“It’s like I told you–I went to high school with those girls. And you’re standing awfully close.”
The whoop of a police siren slices through the air. A man’s voice reverberates through a
loudspeaker. “Move your vehicle.”
I go up on tiptoe and peer over Vass’ very broad shoulders. Sure enough, three police cars are
lined up behind his badly-parked Porche. One officer stalks closer. The guy wears sunglasses
even though it’s after ten o’clock. You have to admire that kind of swagger.
Caelin glances over his shoulder and shoots the officer an angry look. The man freezes in
I raise my hand to shoulder height. “I’m over here, in case you’re wondering. Maybe you can ask
Caelin to back off from both the sidewalk and my face.”
The officer pales. “I’m so sorry, your Majesty.” Without saying another word, he gets back into
his vehicle and drives away. The other police cars follow.
Leaving me alone with one very angry Scotsman.

About Cee Bee:

CEE BEE writes stories that blend epic fantasy, steamy romance, and lots of sass. If you want
immersive tales that transport you to fresh worlds (and new book boyfriends) then you’ve come
to the right author. To learn more about CEE BEE, please visit http://www.ceebeeauthor.com.
NOTE: CEE BEE also writes young adult fare under the name Christina Bauer. Check out
Christina’s books at http://www.christinabauerauthor.com. There’s a literal sh*t ton of them.
Stalk CEE BEE/Christina on Social Media
Web site: http://www.ceebeeauthor.com
Blog: http://monsterhousebooks.com/blog/category/christina
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorBauer/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/christina_cb_bauer/
Twitter: @CB_Bauer
VLOG: https://tinyurl.com/Vlogbauer

And at:  christinabauerauthor.com 

This tour has a really cool giveaway–an art nouveau journal. Enter here:


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