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Dreaming of Demi-Gods

Reviewing books is a bit of a mixed blessing. I get to read a new book, and someone is actually interested in my thoughts (YAY!). Occasionally, the book is mediocre (boo). Typically the book is good. But sometimes I get lucky and the book is AWESOME…and today’s post is about one such book.

Right out of the gate, I’m going to invert my usual post and tell you my thoughts. As you may have guessed, I loved this book. The characters are fully-fleshed, delightfully quirky, and the kind I’d like to spend time with. The plot moved along quickly with just enough complications to keep it from ending too soon, and the world she built is both intriguing and in depth. Tabitha is probably my favorite; I’d love to have a BFF like her.

If I have any criticism at all (and I’m going to be vague to avoid spoilers), it’s that Euphonia, while funny, wasn’t technically necessary because Sullivan set this up beautifully earlier in the novel. (Yeah, I’m picky.)

Now, down to the nitty gritty.


Ro Baird can’t cast a spell without setting her own pants on fire—until she kisses her hot new boss, Alex. Suddenly, she’s able to access her magic…sort of…and she now has a familiar, who may be more trouble than she is helpful.

Alex Kouris happens to be a soul-stealing demigod of the Underworld. He claims he’s trying to leave the life, but can she really trust a man whose magical talents are manipulation and charm? When Alex enlists a shady ex to help him, Ro must risk her heart and her life to save him and humanity from Hades’s evil scheme.

Can she harness her true power to set Alex and herself free?

And here’s an excerpt, and one part that pulled me right in:

I kicked off my Monday by setting my pants on fire.


Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking when I tried the spell. I’d just gotten to work, and instead of doing what I was paid to do—work—I stood at my window, staring down at the brick-and-steel towers of various offices stacked like dominoes along the tidy grid of downtown Portland’s streets.

Warm September sun glinted off windows and shone across the small city park a block from the Ainsley Barfield office.

I stood there daydreaming for several minutes before stuffing my long, wavy, brown hair into a messy bun. Reluctantly, I sat and tugged at the fraying cuff of my thin cardigan before logging in.

Maybe my lack of coffee led to my poor judgment. After all, I’d only had a few sips  when I searched the website for the National Association of Witches, NAW for short, and located a basic email organization spell. That really was the title. Basic Email Organization Spell.

I opened the PDF, mouthed the words a few times, and frowned at the diagrams before moving my right hand across my computer screen three times.

As I uttered the last line of the spell, heat seared my right leg. I gasped and shoved my chair back. A neon-blue flame danced on my shin, licking at the black rayon fabric of my pants—the ones I’d bought on sale only yesterday.

I yanked open the bottom drawer of my desk. Grabbing my spray bottle of holy water, I squirted my leg three times.

With a small hiss and a puff of noxious smoke, the flame winked out.

About the author

Alexa Sullivan writes humorous, contemporary paranormal romance. She imagines a world where the mundane meets magic — and where vampires, werewolves and witches have normal jobs. Oh, and there are cats, too. She sets all her books in the beautiful state of Oregon. When not writing, she can be found walking her cat on a leash, hanging out with her husband, and watching far too much Bravo reality TV.


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