Blessed Yule!

It’s been a minute…as the kiddos say. Like everyone else, I’ve been super busy, sometimes doing incredibly fun things (which I will share later), and sometimes not so fun things (won’t share. They’re boring.) But no matter how busy, I had to make sure to wish everyone a healthy, happy, healthy, festive, did I say healthy? Feast of Sunreturn because that’s what today is.

Today, we here in the northern climes muddle through the shortest day of the year. Tomorrow when the sun rises, we begin our journey into the light of summer with a meager few more minutes of sun, but they’re there, and with each passing day there is more light and warmth available…even if it doesn’t feel like it in January.

So tonight, build a fire or light a candle and wait for the coming of the new day and in many ways, a new year.

Blessed be, y’all.