At the Con.

Last weekend I went to the New York Comicon (NYCC). This was the third time for me, but the first for my husband. As always, it was a good time.

Waiting for the opening.

I went as a Professional on a Pro Pass. Though it was mainly for my IRL job as a teacher, I learned much as a writer. I always do. I met new authors and collected books.

My TBR just got bigger.

(For the record, Batman: Damned is AMAZING.)

What’s the point of me writing about adventures at NYCC? Because I went there the first time almost on a whim. I never thought my Pro Pass would be approved, but it was. I took a chance and went, thinking I’d have fun. I never in a million years expected to learn so much about writing and publishing.

I took a chance.

And you should, too. Maybe not going to the NYCC, but apply for that grant, submit that story, enter that contest. What’s the worst that could happen? You just might change your life.

And you’ll have fun.

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