‘Tis the Season…

. . .to get spooky. Around our house Christmas comes in second. Don’t get me wrong, we like The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, but Halloween is when we pull out the stops, have 31 days of scary movies, and indulge in all things creeptastic.

And my affinity for Samhain bleeds into my writing. Gods and Mortals, God of the Sea, and Goddess of the Dead all connect to the mythos surrounding October 31st.

And now I’m plotting.

This summer I visited Loftus Hall in Ireland. That day was wet and windy which added to the eerie atmosphere.

Standing in the main hall, I knew this place would somehow, someway end up in a novel/novella. I wish I had more pictures, but they were allowed in only one place: the main staircase.

These stairs might look familiar. Their sister set was on the Titanic.

It takes time for the seed of a plot to begin to sprout and take root, but it’s worth the wait. So far I have a demonic Math teacher, a haunted house, immortality, and a Hellfire club in mind. I wouldn’t be surprised if a ghost or two pops up.

Buckle up. The ride is just beginning.

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