Designer’s Fire

Fate has brought many wonderful things–and more importantly wonderful people–into my life, like the most amazing Mixtress Boston. I’ve known them for several years now, and I can’t begin to enumerate all of the wonderful things they have brought to my life.

But enough gushing. (Love you, Mx. Boston)

Mixtress Boston is also a phenomenal bartender–you can find them on Instagram, TikTok , and Twitter. And they have made me a drink for my latest release Penalty Kicks— “Designer’s Fire.”

Here’s what you need:

  • champagne or seltzer
  • grenadine
  • American Whiskey (Choose your favorite local craft one. Here’s mine.)
  • bitters (Don’t stick with the ordinary. Try something like these.)
  • Harissa (It’s optional, but it makes for a great rim. Spicy, like the book.)

In a glass, combine 1 tsp of grenadine, 2 to 3 oz of champagne. Then in a shaker our 2oz of whiskey, 3/4 oz Aperol, and 3 dashes of bitters. Shake until you’re no longer bitter. Strain and pour into your glass.

Now, you can enjoy it like this or you can go crazy like you just met a hot young soccer player and float 151 rum on top and set it aflame–much like Matt set India’s heart aflame.

But if you do it, don’t say I told you to do so. Playing with fire is dangerous.

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