A Wedding to Talk About

It’s here! “Bridezilla vs. Kai Kemmerlin” is live, and you can purchase a copy here.

In the meantime, here’s a morsel for you to savor.


“Hey, Annnngelaaaa!” My voice rang off the bungalow-style ceiling, and heads turned. “Where is my beautiful BFF bride?” I dropped my bags and held open my arms.

It worked. It always worked.

“Here!” She perked up and pointed to herself, then scooted toward me on impossibly high heels.

I met her halfway. If she toppled over, there’d be hell to pay.

“Yay! You’re getting married!” I jumped up and down in my sensible flip-flops.

If any of my other adult friends saw me, they would think that I was on drugs. I never acted like this…except around Angie, but they didn’t know. I’d made sure of that. Boundaries had to be drawn somewhere.

She couldn’t jump, so she bounced, and her curls bounced in time. “I’m the bride.” Then she snatched my hand, threw an evil look over her shoulder at the manager, and turned to me with a pout. “But some people are trying to ruin my Big Day.” She spoke like that…in caps.

“Oh no.” I hugged her and tried to tell the manager I was sorry with my eyes. “What happened? Are the flowers wrong? Can’t they get as much Dom Perignon as you need?” I wracked my brain for some other tragedy but failed.

“No,” She fake sniffed. “The ceremony is ruined.”

“How? The weather is supposed to be gorgeous.”

“Yes, I know.” She dabbed at non-existent tears with the flowy sleeve of her flowery shirt. “There’s just…” She sighed and flung out her arms. “There’s just too much sand.”

“On the beach?” I could not keep the sarcasm from my voice. “There’s too much sand on the beach?”

There’ll be another excerpt later this weekend, but feel free to read ahead 😉

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