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Last year, three writer friends and I came up with what seemed at the time to be a preposterous idea–we’d each write a Halloween PNR (paranormal) tale that featured the central element of a corn maze.

And yet…we were all intrigued and took the idea and ran in different directions, but they are all linked.

Over the next few months we bounced ideas off of each other, shared our writing woes, blurb angst, and draft anxieties. As a writer, it was an amazing (Yes, pun intended) experience to be in the writing trenches as the same time as my friends. Usually, we are in radically different places in the writing process.

As a reader, you all are in for a real treat.

V. J. Allison’s Eternity’s Gamble is out now. (So go get it here.) This is her first foray into PNR, and it is a rollicking romp through a D&D inspired roll of the dice for love and life.

Maggie Blackbird’s Born for This is an Ojibway grounded tale of time travel and destiny. (You can check it out here.) It comes out the same day as Nine for a Kiss, so you’ll get a Halloween twofer. I edited her first draft, and I can tell you…actually, I can’t because she’d kill me for giving away spoilers, but you will love this tale of two hearts destined for each other.

Cameron Allie’s Love Spells, Full Moons, and Silver Bullets doesn’t come out until March, but you can pre-order it here. Cameron’s tale is a classic witchy, vampire laden, werewolf infested, hapless mortal tale that’s a fun ride into a brand new world that she’s planning on enlarging with more stories. I’ve gotten to see bits and pieces of her story, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Nine for a Kiss is my own take on love and loss. It’s not as adventure laden as V.J’s, or historical as Maggie’s, or as fun as Cameron’s. It’s much darker (Of course. It’s by me, and it’s for Halloween.) Ultimately–like all scary stories–it’s about what it means to be alive and how love can last beyond the grave. And it includes a character that you’ve met before in my Irish Gods series who is all grown up and ready for love.

I’ll be sharing more about each of these stories in the days to come…so stay tuned.

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