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Inferno Outdoors- MFRWsteam

WARNING: This post–and all those in the hop–are definitely NSFW, okay?

This excerpt is from Inferno, my first book with Extasy. In it, Rose Dantes is sent on an erotic Pilgrimage mirroring the levels of Dante’s masterwork. This excerpt highlights Rose’s first–and in some ways, her greatest–challenge: being with someone new for the first time in ages.

In Level 1, she meets Finn O’Neill (a character in God of the Sea, too.), and they decide to hook up. In the shadows of a woodland glade, the following exchange takes place.

“I intend to be very close to you.”

She knew his eyes were a greenish blue, but in the moon- light, they were dark pools to get lost in. “Please.”

Please kiss me. Please let’s do this. Just…please.

As if he could hear her thoughts, Finn pressed his lips to hers gently, then with increasing urgency, moving her closer, one hand on her ass. One hand slid upward to cup her breast, and as she had imagined, the sensation was delicious. The subtle friction intensified her arousal.

Oh yes.

She tangled her fingers in his hair, pulling his head to- ward hers, kissing him deeper, tongues sliding across one another in a perfect give and take until she was quite breathless and slightly dizzy from lack of air. Finn shifted his atten- tion to her neck, somehow finding the spot just above her collarbone that made her sigh involuntarily and her blood thrum throughout her body, racing faster when he began tugging up her dress.

“There’s quite a lot of material here.” His lips against her neck and his voice held an edge of frustration which thrilled her. Then he moved away slightly, searching for the hem of her gown.

She stepped closer, making Finn look at her. She put her arms around him and pulled him to her. Rose ran her hands slowly down his back, skin smooth and cool, then to his rear, then up to his hips, watching his eyes for a reaction and was rewarded when he closed them. “It’s not quite fair, you know.”

“What?” Eyes still closed.

“You know exactly what you are getting, but I can’t see what I am working with.” She curled her fingers inside thewaistband of his jeans, warmth on her cool skin. Where was she getting this confidence? She could not say, but she ran with it. Tonight, she was not the girl in her head. The one who was usually shut down by fear and over- rationalization.

“No, not fair,” Finn agreed, eyes mere slits, voice a harsh whisper. “We should fix that.”

She kissed him, tugging on his bottom lip with her teeth as she slid her hands around his waist to the front. His skin felt like velvet and he was going commando and Dear Lord, he was ready to go and met any qualification she could have established.

Finn drew in a breath as she brushed her fingers against him, carefully removing his jeans. No underwear had its merits, but it also posed a significant danger, particularly when a zipper was involved. Gingerly, she tugged the zipper pull down using the back of her hand as a buffer, watch- ing him react to her feather-light touch, stroking him here and there.

“Rose.” The barest whisper, more groan than word.

“Hmm?” She focused on extracting him from his jeans, then slipping his pants down his long, muscular legs, and pulling them off entirely. She rose to her feet slowly, admiring the well-made man in front of her.

“You.” It was an exclamation, a command, and a breath all at once. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close, and she reveled in the feel of his hardness against her and his hands everywhere as his tongue explored her mouth, his kiss making her blood sing once again.

This was what desire felt like.

You can buy Inferno here, here, here, and here.

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5 thoughts on “Inferno Outdoors- MFRWsteam”

  1. Exquisite. The opening sentence of this scene takes us there completely – setting (nighttime) character description and arousal, perfect ambiance.

    “She knew his eyes were a greenish blue, but in the moonlight, they were dark pools to get lost in.”

    Liked by 1 person

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