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A Bundle O’ Gods for St. Patrick’s Day. #MFRWHooks 

I love when serendipity strikes. When I was offered the opportunity to bundle my Irish Gods series, I jumped at it. THEN I learned it would be launched on St. Patrick’s Day Wahoo.

You can get the bundle for $10 here.

So, as a reminder, the Irish Gods follow three foster brothers and their challenges in the modern world…and their steamy love lives. (But there are FOUR books…because every series needs a goddess.)

The first book, Gods and Mortals introduces Declan who protects the American woman Maeve.

Even gods get obsessed.

Gods. Ghosts. Murder. 

Maeve Devlin has no idea what to expect when she travels to Ireland for a vacation, but definitely not the supernatural or an old god obsessed with her. What should be a fun time reconnecting with an old love interest first turns thrilling, then confusing, when two men seem interested in a fling. And what’s with all the birds?

But when The Man with eyes like the sea— the man she’s dreamed of her entire life—appears, her life spirals out of control, and she’s thrust into a world of gods and heroes, magic and love. When gods and mortals collide, nothing goes well.

Gods and Mortals, the first book in the Irish Gods series, introduces us to modern day Ireland, a place where the old and new exists side by side, and the old gods mingle with mankind. It tells the tale of Maeve Devlin and the man she was destined for, and the one god daring to claim her for his very own.

Here’s an excerpt:

The dream started as it always did—by rudely interrupting an already-occurring narrative. One minute Maeve was dreaming about something trivial, almost random, like going grocery shopping in her underwear. The next, she was standing in a field of white flowers, tiny and fragrant and not of this earth. How she knew that fact, she could not say, but she did. Because the dream always featured the field of white flowers, as well as the man with eyes like the sea.

What was strange was that she should not have been having this dream now, not necessarily while she was in an airplane thousands of feet above the sea, although that was awkward, too. And more importantly, where was he? She only had this dream once a year, on her birthday, and her birthday was not today. So why now?

Maeve slowly surveyed the area, squinting at the too-bright colors, too clean, too real. The field undulated gently in every direction, and trees could be seen in the distance, but she was alone. She couldn’t even call for him, because she did not know his name. No matter how many times she had asked, he would not tell her.

“Maeve Devlin.” The voice came from behind her, Irish and full of good humor.

She turned. “It’s you.” And it was him―dark-haired, fair-skinned, elfin-faced, with the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen, a swirling combination of blues, greens, and grays.

He smiled, and her heart skipped a beat. It always did.

“Why now? It isn’t my birthday.”

As if he had heard a noise, he suddenly glanced over his shoulder. 

She had heard nothing. 

“I needed to warn you.” His eyes changed, darkening like the sea before a storm.

“Warn me?”

He looked back again. 

All she could see was the wind on the flowers, causing them to ripple like waves. 

He lowered his voice. “I thought we would be safe here.”

A wind rose around them, and the ripples shifted, then settled into a pattern heading in their direction, cutting through the flowers like the fin of a shark. The gasp she made caused him to follow her gaze. The horror on his face made her blood run cold.

He gripped her shoulders.

That’s never happened before.

“Be careful, Maeve.” His words rushed together. “Nothing is at it seems. Go.”

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