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Raven, Romda and Ravai: Malketh and the Undead, Vol.2

Since my kids are all grown, it’s rare for me to venture into Middle Grade-land, but the blurb for Malketh and the Undead caught my attention. Check it out:

Raven, Romda and Ravai are settling into their new knightly duties well. With the Dark Beast defeated, their normal tasks almost seem mundane.

Amidst the boredom, Ravai asks, “Why does no one talk about villains from the past?”

Romda reasons, “What would be the point?”

There is a point. Even though villains may have been defeated in the past, they may still be around, waiting in the background ready to resurface once again.

Malketh has returned to the kingdom, but something is different about him this time. He is back with an entire army … an entire army of undead soldiers!

My boys would have loved this premise. Come to think of it, they still might. And today I’m super lucky because I have a character interview with Raven, Ronda, and Ravai.

Host:  Today, we decided to interview the three main characters of this book to give you keen insight into the book.  I’ll give the questions and the three stars will answer.  Let’s get started.

Host: For the first question, what was your favorite part of the book?

Raven: I think the time when those people did that thing.

Host: I’m not sure what you mean.

Ravai: I didn’t read the book.

Romda: What?  They told you to read the book before you got here!

Ravai: Yeah, I didn’t.  I had some things to do.

Romda: That’s a lame excuse.  Never mind, I’ll answer.   Well, I think my favorite part was –

Ravai: Okay, it was the part where I beat up those bad guys.

Romda: You don’t even know if that was part of the book.  You didn’t read it!  Raven, do you believe this guy?

Raven: To be honest, I didn’t finish the whole thing.

Host: How about we move on?  Who was a harder villain to defeat, Malketh or the Dark Beast?

Raven:  The Dark Beast.  No, maybe Malketh.  I don’t know.  What do you think?

Ravai:  They were both pretty easy.  I beat them mostly on my own.

Romda:  Seriously?

Ravai:  Yeah, I’m pretty talented.

Romda:  I think that you get knocked out in both books.

Ravai: I don’t remember that.  

Romda:  That is because you were knocked out.

Host: Let’s not devolve here.  We want to give a deeper look into this book.  What key insight do you have for this audience?

Raven: Insight?  I don’t think Ravai even looked “in-sight” the book.

Romda: Hee hee.

Ravai: Awww, now that’s uncalled for.  You are supposed to be looking out for me.  I’m your best bud.

Romda:  I thought I was.

Raven: …

Host:  We’d like to thank you for your time gentle readers.  However, at this pace, we don’t want to waste any more of it.  Thank you, and have a pleasant day.

Here’s an excerpt :

Ravai said with almost a stone face, “We need to get back to shore.  I’m not sure that snake is dead.”

The two swam probably twice as fast as they did when they were racing.  Both were exhausted when they made it to the shore.  They walked onto the small sandy shore, then both plopped down on their backs gasping at any available air.

After Raven finally caught his breath, he said to Ravai, “I have to admit, you handle yourself well in a fight.”

“Yeah,” Ravai agreed. “That was a sweet move with the shield, too.  I mean from you.”

Raven responded, “Thanks.”

Ravai looked down at his leg and became alarmed, “Oh no!”

Raven worried and asked, “What?”

Ravai noted, “I lost the dagger!  Darn, that was my favorite!”

Raven responded again, “Don’t worry.  I’ll buy you a new one for saving me.  I have some extra money that I was going to use on a good shield.  Apparently, they come in handy.”

Ravai laughed, and graciously declined. “Nah, it’s okay.  You can just tell everyone how great I was in the fight.”

Raven said, “Something tells me that you’ll beat me to it.”

From that day on, the two became friends…

Ravai looks at Raven and acknowledges, “I guess that was the first time that we teamed up.  Hmm.”

Raven then says to Ravai, “Look, I was talking with Romda.  She thinks we can win, and to be honest, I’m starting to believe her.”

Ravai says back to Raven, “Yeah, I just don’t want to lose.”

Raven replies, “This, I know.”

Ravai says, “Not that.  I just don’t want to lose … people.”

About the Author

Dave Maruszewski is blessed with a great family.  He was originally inspired to write stories by his wife and son.  

He strives to develop stories with sound moral values that will be enlightening as well as entertaining to youths and adults.  The Raven, Romda and Ravai books are targeted especially for children who shy away from reading.  His stories are created from an accumulation of experience from careers/backgrounds as a physicist, engineer, teacher, artist, video game designer and software developer.  

In between writing stories and running his own company, Digital Tumult (DigitalTumult.com), Dave enjoys video games, watching internet videos and hanging out with his family.

Book: http://www.ravenromdaandravai.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dave-Maruszewski-Books-100693982454237/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/21946064.Dave_Maruszewski

NetGalley: https://www.netgalley.com/catalog/publisher/84200

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Dave-Maruszewski/e/B09KQLN57W

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