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Fourth Time’s the Charm

Tired of all these gods? How about a goddess for a change?

Mo Noonan’s life is falling apart. She’s failed out of grad school. Her fiancé just dumped her in front of all her friends. Her mother thinks she’s a failure.

And now she’s dead.

It’s hard making friends with the dead, especially when you’ve been murdered, but Aedan Hanlon is willing to show Mo how to navigate the Underworld, though he keeps going on and on about facing her Truth. After spending time with Aedan, Mo begins to wonder, can the dead fall in love?

And if they do, why does the Goddess of the Dead have to mess everything up? Why can’t Mo and Aedan just rest in peace?

I had so much fun with Mo, and in her tale, all of the loose ends are brought together.


A warm, velvety blackness more complete than she’d ever experienced enveloped Mo. It felt safe here―wherever herewas―and though she couldn’t quite remember how she had arrived in this dark place, she liked it. I’m home.

Indistinct and blurry voices interrupted her calm.

“Oh my, what has happened?”

“How did she get here?”

“Poor thing. Do you think she’s dead?”

“We should at least get her out of the water.”

Mo was curious in a distant way about whomever they were discussing in such distressing terms, but the darkness was calling her, and it was a much nicer place than where she had come from, wherever that was.

Not much later―or at least it didn’t feel that much later―the voices again intruded upon Mo’s delicious solitude.

“Look at her dress. Was she at a costume party?”

“I don’t think so, Maeve. It looks more like a wedding dress. It’s hard to tell, though. It’s been destroyed by the sea.”

Mo noticed that the voices were clearer, more distinct. She was also cold and damp.

“I’ve called Diarmuid,” a third voice added. “He and Gareth should be here soon. Declan’s staying with Calum.”A soft, warm hand wrapped itself around Mo’s wrist and held it for a moment. “She’s dead, Ellie…”


You can get the entire series here.